How to start a thesis writing?

Are you about to begin your thesis work and don’t know how to write the cover, the title page and the index? Here are some useful tips for not forgetting anything that is necessary.

The cover of the thesis, the title page and the index

It is true that a book is not judged by its cover, but this is not a good reason to devote less attention to this aspect of the thesis. The style for editing varies from university to university but there may also be differences between individual faculties, individual departments and individual degree courses. For this reason, on the website of the faculty, department or degree course there are usually models of the title page, which corresponds to the first page of the thesis, and of the cover.

How to make the cover and the title page of the thesis

Given that every faculty, department or degree course is a story in its own right and it is always a good idea to ask the supervisor or the teaching office for information, the information that cannot be missing in the preparation of the title page and the cover is:

  • The name and logo of the University is the full name of the faculty or department in which you graduate: centrally located, above
  • The name of the degree course and of the course: in a central position at the top, under the name of the faculty or department but in a slightly smaller font
  • The title of the thesis with a possible subtitle: in the center of the page. The possible subtitle in a slightly smaller font
  • The candidate’s name and registration number: lower right
  • The name of the supervisor and of the possible co-rapporteur: bottom left preceded by “ Prof./Prof.ssa” for full professors or “Prof./Prof.ssa” for associate professors
  • The academic year in which you graduate: lower center

It may happen that some faculties require or give the possibility to carry out a graphic elaboration of the cover. In this case it is good to select an image that is inherent to the work performed and that does not exclude the information we have just indicated.

How to do the degree thesis index

A peculiar feature of the theses is that of having the index at the beginning rather than at the end of the text. This is to allow a more rapid overview of the work done.

Inside the index the titles of the chapters (numbered with I, II, III or 1, 2, 3), of the sub-paragraphs (indicated accordingly with I.1, I.2 or 1.1, 1.2) and of the any sub-paragraphs (I.1.1, I.1.2 or 1.1.1, 1.1.2). For each title it is necessary to indicate the exact page number, which is why it is advisable to complete the index only after completing the work. Remember that, for the purpose of numbering, page 1 of the thesis is the title page, but that the number at the bottom of this page must not be present. From the next page (or after the index) you can start with the ordinary numbering.

If you intend to print the double-sided thesis, it is important to remember that the index, the chapters, the introduction and the conclusions, must always start from a page on the right (odd). For this reason it is advisable to insert, where necessary, a blank page that will obviously have to be counted in the total numbering.

Please note that some writing programs such as Word have a specific function for the automatic processing of the index and the number of pages.